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How to Update Windows OS Without Internet Connection

Microsoft frequently releases Security and other essential updates for windows. These updates fix newly discovered bugs and increases efficiency and protection of Windows OS. If you don’t have internet connection or have slower internet then you can’t get the updates directly from microsft. instead you have to use a third party application called Autopatcher.

AutoPacher allows you to download for your windows Operating system and saves it for offline installation. This gives you the liberty to update any computer without internet connection.

Follow the steps to download the update files and install them to your computer offline:

  • Carry your Pen Drive and Go to nearby internet source, and download Autopatcher from here.
  • After downloading Autopatcher just install and run it.
  • It will prompt you to select the OS for which you want to download the updates. Click on Next button.
  • Now Select your OS whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit supported. If it is 32-bit then select X86 otherwise select X64 and click on Next button.
  • A list of all updates for your OS will be shown.
  • Select all the Updates and click on Download button. This will download all the update files on the computer.
  • After finishing the download just copy/paste all the downloaded updates in your Pen Drive.
  • Now insert this Pendrive into your system for which you have downloaded all these updates and install them.

That’s it! This is the best method to install the updates in Offline mode and secure your PC. This works for all windows OS (Window 7/Vista/XP). After your OS is updated, do not forget to leave a comment below 🙂

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