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How To Increase USB Flash Drive File Transfer Speed

Many times, while transferring data from your computer to your USB drive, you wont get satisfactory file transfer speed. This happens due to slow transfer rate of USB. To solve this problem you might have tried restarting your computer, unplug or plug-in USB and formatting it but even after this you might have found the same result. But the USB Speed can easily be optimized if you follow the right steps.


You can speed up your USB drive by following two ways :


In this method we only optimize USB by using better performance option. Follow the steps to increase USB transfer speed:

  • Double click on “My Computer”
  • Right click on USB drive and select properties


  • Select “Hardware tab”
  • Click your USB drive to highlight it under “All disk drives”
  • Click “properties” button  on “Hardware tab”
  • A new window will open, Select “Policies Tab”
  • In this window, there will be 2 options, “Quick Removal”, which is default and  “Better performance” under “Removal policy” section.
  • Select the  “Better performance” option


Note: You need to eject USB drive by using “Safely Remove Hardware” option in the system tray (right bottom of the screen), Otherwise your data can be damaged.


In this method we optimize USB by formatting it via NTFS format. Follow the steps to increase USB transfer speed:

  • Go to “My Computer” and select USB drive
  • Right click on USB drive and select “format”


  • A format window will open, here select “NTFS” from the drop down menu underFile System
  • Now format the USB drive
  • After this USB transfer speed will be increased.

Note: Formatting the USB drive will completely earse your data, so copy all the data before formatting it.

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